Ive been in the game since 2009. And even in 2015 I find myself going back 3, 4, sometimes 6 or 7 years back in the "history books" that is Vimeo, Youtube, and of course NSTV to go back in time and watch the edits that used to get me stoked to head up to the hill after school. Now I know that there is a lot of members on this site that have been on here far longer than me and have seen a lot more content but bare with me here..I'll pay homage to you guys as well. But enough of me bickering lets get to the point.

I love older edits more than anything in ski media. The newer edits just dont do it for me like the days of the late 2000s and early 2010s, so I'm creating this to bring some light back into what I consider the "Golden Age" of freestyle skiing. Every Thursday I'm going to post an edit or two from the good old days to educate the new generation and bring some memories back for the rest of us.

To start things off I'm going to post two edits from the summer camps of years past in honor of the struggle MT. Hood has been dealing with this summer.

Dirt! By NS's very own Evan Heath.

An instant classic. The title pretty much says it all, dirty snow but lots of good times!


Another classic from hood, A Little Crappy Hood Edit. With the likes of a gangster Tom Wallisch, Nick Martini, Mike Hornbeck and many more, this classic edit will without a doubt have you jonesin to get out to oregon next summer!


Thanks for checking this out! Let me know what you think of it and PM me any edits you'd like to say in upcoming posts. See you next Thursday!