To all Halle Berry is a fine looking lady, to us Halle Berry is also a mean, modified, Subaru that is more than at home in the dirt.

This past weekend Jeremy Brown and myself took Halle to Colorado Off Road Extreme and put her through the paces one last time.

Far from stock, the beast was sporting a ej257 block, head work, exhaust, suspension, lots and lots of bushings, weight reduction, a tank full of e85 and some proper undercarriage protection (big thanks to Jeremy Brown). To put it lightly, she was built for a purpose. The purpose of going fast, no matter what surface you were driving on. With e85 in the tank and the boost turned up we were pushing 335 torque AT THE WHEELS.

That was, until we developed an exhaust leak.

We hope all of you can join us in bidding Halle Berry a farewell. We will be setting her off to pasture in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned throughout the summer as Jeremy and I return to CORE to take on the dirt in our other projects! We will also begin to tear into some snow machines, should be some good fun.

God bless internal combustion and forced induction.