Here are five of the best skiing and snowboarding gifts for this Christmas.Snow PantsSnow pants are the perfect gift for the rider that already has just aboutall of the equipment they need. Even if your rider already has a pair of snowpants, it's always smart to have a backup pair, no matter what the situation.Rather than fretting about what you can get the person who already has it all,pick them up a pair of snow pants this holiday season.BootsFor a lot of riders, buying a new pair of boots every year or two is out oftheir budget, meaning a lot of people are riding in boots that really need toget replaced. Surprise your skier with a brand new pair of boots andwatch their eyes light up as they open their gift.GogglesWith snowboarding equipment being rather expensive, it's good to know there isa relatively inexpensive gift out there. Goggles are important for all riders,and a decent pair doesn't cost very much at all, making them the perfect budgetChristmas gift.Bindings ( binding technology continues to advance, many people dream about having thelatest and greatest cutting edge bindings. If you really want to surprise yourrider this Christmas, consider buying them a new pair of the best bindings onthe market.JacketWithout a nice ski jacket, riding can be a miserable experience. Show the skier in your family that you care about their comfort on the mountain bysurprising them with a high-quality ski jacket. After all, there's nothingworse than freezing while you ride.Also, If you still have no idea what would be a good buy, watch some Tanner Hall videos for inspiration. Here you have an example:More Ski Videos