With the new year comes another 365 days of fun and sad times. People of NS, make them all happy.I am in efforts to get in contact with a certain person in order to bring you everything you need in high definition and once i do, i will bring Rider profiles with video footage, Event coverage and all the happy things that make your socks roll up and down and make your pet chase its tail. Yes, that still applies to all of you 70's people with pet rocks. I'm planning on that. Rider Roy Kittler narrowly escaped an interview with Newschoolers by believing the worst weather station in the world when they said the weather would be bad (this is a guess because most people did this) but there is word on the streets of interviews with the Line Europe team coming to NS in living color. Yes, bright,incredibly stylish colored clothing to match the goofy style of the team. Dont be fooled though, the team throws down with their incredible stylish tricks and have the phrases to keep it real. Be ready, because soon, it will all kick off. I know it has been said before but now, the tims is nearing being fully complete. Oh yeah, and Ethan, Call me. Peace NS! See you soon.

"I threw a Tail press with extra steeze value meal, with a large fries and a coke, but the coke was diet because my style is phat enough...BIIIYAH!!!"