The Earth is delectable. Come read with me on this adventure of taste, let your eyes cross into your tongues receptors and set your salivary glands afire!

Delicious fields of mustard plants, how I want to run through your silky stench and feast upon your apical meristems!Remember when you were a child? Of course you dont. But I assure you, you tasted many things then. Taste them again, now with your new wisdom! What does dirt taste like? What do green apples taste of? Dusty leather books? Ham? Sunglasses? Answers must be found dear readers. Some may taste bad, yes, but what defines a sensation as good or bad? Is it better to go through life never having experienced anything, or rather should we try everything, even if we find some of it distasteful?
Most definitely tasty.Why should you not taste everything? We see everything. We can touch most everything. We hear every noise made in our vicinity. Smells are free too. But we refrain from taste. Why?
So many wonderful different flavors!
Just think about sinking your teeth into that oven. Mmmmm...The fact is that as food in most English-speaking countries horse meat is taboo, despite the fact that it is harvested and exported as a foodstuff. In Australia few people in the meat business want to talk about horse meat. There are two licensed abattoirs with a thriving but low-key export trade in horse meat - usually categorized as game together with goat - to countries including Belgium and Japan. And there are, according to the RSPCA, also 33 knackeries that slaughter horses for products such as pet food that aren't for us humans to eat.Of course, throughout history in agrarian economies the knackered horse, donkey or mule was just another source of protein. But today the attraction to the meat is similar to that of venison or kangaroo. It’s lean and sweet with a slight gamey flavour. And quite cheap.
You are looking especially delicious little bird.Taste EVERYTHING. Experience flavor to the maximum. Bite every chunky beef stew, lick every cell phone, and dont be stingy.