Less than 4,000 dollars to the purchase price to a new vehicle to provide basic services? No problem - at least in China, yes. China, the world's most expensive production car, with three-cylinder engine of the southern Alto 0.8L basic model sells for 3785.32 U.S. dollars (25,800 yuan).

If China's car away from the destination you are planning a little far away, so you do not have to worry about. Because a large number of cheap global car sales, so brings ACURA shock absorber amount selling, especially in developing countries. These cars are not very fashionable, but to achieve the purpose of transportation. How do we know? Because we have seen a lot before this type of vehicle, the results confirmed this.    

Of course, not all of the world cheapest car is Suzuki Alto, but most of the world's most expensive cars from the area in their respective development or economic development of weaker countries. In Asia the cheapest cars in China; in North America, the most expensive car in Mexico; in South America, the most expensive car in Chile; and ACURA shocks and struts in Australia and New Zealand, the two countries, the most expensive car in New Zealand; in Europe, the most expensive cars are in Russia.

Behind list

To compile our list of the most expensive car, and we will the world be divided into the above five areas, and used to track vehicles in 43 countries provided data on new car prices JATO.

Cheap car does not mean it's quality not so good, because many factors can help to suppress the price of the car. In nearly half of the area has a low-cost car, the car is in the same market, production and sales, which would reduce shipping costs and eliminates import duties.

In addition, second-hand car market in developing countries is relatively small, so it will not pose a threat to low-cost car market.

DiGirolamo said: "Zai developing countries, much less second-hand car, which creates a low-cost car market opportunities Di. The United States car market Youlian Jia Gong Ying, but they are second-hand car, rather than the size Xiao, low-power , low profile car. "

DiGirolamo said that in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, due to ample supply, car buyers spend from 5 thousand to 10 thousand U.S. dollars to buy a used car is relatively easy, certainly, ACURA quick strut will not cheap as this. But in China and other developing countries the situation is somewhat different.

"Cheap" is relative

In the United States and New Zealand second-hand car market in developed countries, simply can not find the price of new cars less than 10 thousand U.S. dollars. This is the Australia / New Zealand to become the highest in the low-cost vehicles priced the reason. As the New Zealand-made cars are not sold, but the imported cars, so there's cars more expensive, then ACURA complete strut assembly more expensive too.

Japanese-made Daihatsu (Daihatsu) Sirion hatchback sells for 12,315 U.S. dollars (about 15,990 New Zealand dollars), the most expensive car than the United States - sells for 108? 0 U.S. dollars of Kia sharp Europe (Kia Rio) - your about 1800 U.S. dollars. High-profile fashion model Holden (Holden) Barina ranks second, sells for 13,085.70 U.S. dollars (about 16,990 New Zealand dollars). Holden is GM (General Motors), a subsidiary, this car Chevrolet Aveo in the U.S. (Chevrolet Aveo) for the brand, sells for 11,460 U.S. dollars.

But in North America, Europe and the sharp Aveo is not the most expensive cars. To buy the cheapest car, car buyers have to be across borders to Mexico to buy Faw F1, this is a car manufacturer from China First Automobile Group production of 1.0 liter hatchback, priced at 7300.91 U.S. dollars (74,900 pesos ). The most expensive car in Mexico are not national brands, but by GM and Ford (Ford Motor) and other foreign car production enterprises in the country, which helps the country maintain a lower car prices.   B2C | B2B2C