Its August something-or-other and that means jack to me. Tommorow I am moving all my shit to Whistler for good. For those of you who don't know, I may say that I live in Whistler right now, but that isn't exactly true. I live in Squamish, a lame-as-fuck Native/Logger town about half an hour south of Whistler.

I am neither a Native nor a Logger, and essentially, the only other people that inhabit this dive are meth-heads, rediculous steroid users, a few hot girls, and about 1,000,000 emo fuckers. I swear to god, there are 3 good skiers, and 2 good snowboarders in my (ex) high-school of 800+.

It fucking kills me.

I say that I live in Whistler because it really is my home. I was born and raised there until I was around 3 when my parents split up. After a couple changes, we ended up in Squamish. I suppose I must be thankful for this because it got me re-interested in skiing after a stint in the city (Vancity) but other than that...

The entire town feels like such a youth-wasteland. Kids fucking getting high and drinking every night, just last night I was nearly run over by a kid on heroin driving his car. It's pathetic. The idea of fun here is to get fucked up, and granted, it can be alot of fun, after a while it feels so lost and sad.

After writing a fucking novel up there, I realize how emo that sounds. I think my original point was, Whistler = fucking awesome. and Squamish = fuck off and die. WOO go Whistler