Hey everybody, how’s it going? The US Open and the Killington Grand Prix are coming up. I am super excited! I have been working on some new tricks. I was hitting jumps at copper and did switch back nine to front 10, I land both tricks clean. Hopefully I can land them in the contest. I was also riding pipe at Breckenridge, which was super fun. After snowboarding I have been going to the gym with Reid and working out for a long time. Trying to get in shape for summer. My brother just broke is wrist in pipe, he had surgery on it and got 5 pins. He is bummed that he can’t ride but he is always asking how the mountain is. I just got back from Mt Hood OR a week ago. It was fun out there. The contests were fun and the weather was nice for 2 contests. On the day we had slopestyle the weather became wild. It was super foggy, snowy and windy. I made finals and the contest ended up being canceling because the judges could not see the jumps. BX and Pipe were fun but it was nice when the contest ended.  I was able to come home to CO and relax. Well I will talk to you guys later.

                                       My brother, maverick. broken wrist, 5 pins!