For years I haven't heard the words 'after-bang' said in the commentary of a slopestyle run.

This past weekend, Jossi Wells changed that in the early part of his 2nd place Dew Tour Run in Breckenridge.

I haven't seen anybody land like that, especially in a comp run in years. And I think it's awesome that Jossi makes the more serious side of skiing more relaxed and goofy. We need more of that. We need to bring back the whole steezed out arm swing that was all the rage back in 2010. It's cool to see Jossi goofin' around and bringin something that we haven't seen in awhile back into the mix.

But Jossi Wells isn't the only dude bringin back the whole ride away. Mr Simon 'Big Air' Dumont posted this on instagram the other day.

Mr Dumont is back on skis after a long hiatus and comes correct with a cork 7 blunt and one of the cleanest landings since Slumdog Illionaire.

Skiing needs more of this. Ya'll need to bring it back. Next time your at the hill, hang lose, get the swang back in your step. Ride away with a mean shoulder lean.

The times they are a changin' and I'm stoked to see this come back in skiing.

It ain't nothin but a g thang'