When I uploaded the pictures yesterday, it was for the second time that day. The first time was way earlier on the day.  Since I was skiing all day in Hafjell on Saturday, and up all night playing music at a party @Vinstra, I figured it was best to sleep in and stay home. So what happend? Well, I tried uploading the pictures of snow, skiing, rails and fun. What do you THINK happend?

Since this photo is obviously not taken at home, and Nørsteng is on skis you probably guessed right; Hafjell.

I couldn´t stay home another minute. Sleepy or not, I rushed to get my gear together and drove to Hafjell. On skis half-a-hour later! Success!

It was one of the most funny two hours this fall. I think we got 25 laps or something like that. Good times Magz!