After I got home from the Jib Academy-tour I had one day off to gain some energy to ski again. But when the forecast is like the picture above, skiing is not an option. Hello? As far as I know we are still in February? 

That is why me and Christer Mathisen jumped into the car early today to drive 3 hours into Sweden, and Funesdalen. They have the sickest park, and I even have a season-pass for the resort.

Stormy weather over the mountain-pass.

Wake-up calls at 0600 am doesn’t hurt when you get to go from rain and storm to this weather!

Me and Christer in the park.

Black park. Two good jumps and 3 rails of your choice. Quick laps and good shape. Why am I not here all winter?

Needless to say, the park was good.

We got to shoot some video today. Cork 5.

Christer cork 9 blunt.

Switch cork 5 tail.

To top things off, pizza on the menu.

Sometimes life can go from crap to awesome in three hours. That is what you get when you make quick decisions.

Time to chill out some more and do it all over tomorrow.