So, sometime late May/early June I was picked up by NoCopy and got the offer to make my own skis. Pretty fun since the idea of making a couple of skis had been on my mind for a couple of years and I had allready planned to make them myself, but this ment I didänt have to go thru all the hassle with building a press and whatnot. That would be expensive, like this one better where I get money instead of spending it.

Since I first started skiing "for real" at an age of 17 or 18 I've always had ideas of different shapes and materials and I've seen a couple of them come to life from both big and small manufacteres. which was really fun because I then saw that my ideas actually worked! The 3 models I'm working on right now is'nt going to be very revolutionary in terms of totally new shapes etc. but they have a lot of features that is pretty uncommon, especially when put together.

My idea of a good ski is'nt one that performs totally awesome in one condition, but one that performs awesome in one and good or very good in the rest aswell. I hate starting of a good day on powsticks just to have to go down and switch skis because I want to ski something else or conditions may have changed. Thats why the skis will be very allround, even though they are specified for a certain condition/use of area.

First up is an everyday ski, nomatter what conditions are like or whatever you feel like riding they will do good. It's not the perfect park, mogul, powder or groomer ski but it does'nt dissapoint you anywhere and leans toward playfull/jibby off pist skiing. Kinda like what the SFB or prophet 115 is for line, Gotama for Völkl and so on.

Figuered I'll realese some info on each ski every now and then, graphics, specs, thoughts, ideas and whatnot.

Stay tuned!