Today, in an interview with foreign media, Funcom's director of public relations media who writing the article for age of conan power leveling. Forest (Erling Elllingsen) that will be published next month, when it comes to the age of conanthe development of the online game "Age of Conan" film-to-date information, but it is difficult to imagine this news for aoc power leveling. Prior to the confidentiality of the work done was airtight.    

When a reporter asked about the information on the specific content of films, the Forest remain tight-lipped, he said that this new piece of information will be in mid to late next month in Cologne, Germany, organized by GamesCom Game Show to meet with the players. And also the goods news for AoC power leveling "We give players a lot of changes and new content, I believe that the players will like it." He added.