So NS isn't the same as it used to be...   Some have said that we all need to get together as NSers and duke it out in person... or perhaps just share some laps, do some partying, and just overall have a good time.  What we're proposing, is that the D-jam this April 8/9, is the first official gathering of NS members.  I know, I know, you've got a zillion excuses as to other things you could do, but we're going to make it worth your while.  We're going to withdraw $1,000 in cash from the NS bank account.  Chris and I are each going to be carrying $500 in twenty dollar bills for the length of the jam.  They are going to be given away to NS members who are throwing down, having a good time, or do stupid things we ask.  It's totally up to us as to how we give it away, but there's 50 twenties that have to be given to NS members.   If you do something super sick, we might give you more than one bill.... who knows.   It's our money and we can do whatever we want with it!  Now, in order for the money to stay within the community, you have to register with the simplest registration process of all time.   Simply walk up to one of the NS staff and say "I love"    That's it.    You'll be given an armband or something small like that to set you apart, and then you're ready to win some dough!  The D-jam is two days of skiing, and one night of a sweet dinner and a great party at the hotel bar.   Drinking age is 18 in Quebec, so it's pretty much a free-for all.... Under 18 people can still come in and party with the rest.... so as you can see this will also be a chance for NSers to party together.  So really whatever excuse you're thinking of, it's bad, and you are coming.   We're getting a hotel room, and it's pretty cheap for you to do so as well.   Check out the D-jam article for more information.Peace, Love and Pancakes.