Words by: Jamie Walter

Photos by: Jamie Walter and Matt Sklar

Tuesday was nothing short of a perfect day at the second day of the West Coast Session here at Mt. Hood. Clear skies, lack of wind, warm temperatures, soft snow, and killer riding lead to some amazingly fun times for the skiers, media, and hosts.

Skiers catch a ride up behind a cat to the top of the jump inrun. Photo: Jamie Walter

The day started off with a few laps in the Paintbrush park while the big jump was salted and prepared by the park staff. The guys and girls took pretty casual runs from top to bottom, but had much more confidence on the features they had just figured out the day before.

Nick Goepper on one of the jumps in Paintbrush. Photo: Matt Sklar

Hennie VJ stacks some footage with Maude Raymond. Photo: Jamie Walter

Will Wesson presses the end of the "S" rail at the bottom of the park. Photo: Jamie Walter

Once the jump was shaped and good to go, the cat fired up and shuttled a group of riders up the hill and the first guinea pigs dropped in. The first, Tim McChesney, came up about 8 feet short of the knuckle due to a slow in-run. A few others followed suit, catching the knuckle before the speed was finally dialed in. "You need to go fast!" a rider shouted to the crowd of other WCS skiers that sat and watched across the trail.

Lyman Currier driving the truck. Photo: Jamie Walter

Jamie Crane-Mauzy. Photo: Matt Sklar

Noah Wallace Rodeo 9. Photo: Jamie Walter

It wasn't long after the speed was dialed before the 20 or so skiers hitting the jump started to throw down. A constant flood bombarded the booter with massive cork 7's, rodeo 9's, and a few double cork 10's and 12's. One of the most impressive tricks of the day session, according to the loud roar of the crowd after it was thrown, was Alex Beaulieu-Marchand's floaty double cork 720.

Jamie Crane-Mauzy floats a backflip. Photo: Jamie Walter

John Spriggs. Photo: Matt Sklar

Photo: Matt Sklar

Photo: Jamie Walter. Photobomb: Rocky Maloney

Around 3pm, the day jump session concluded and skiers made their way back to Windells for a quick dinner. Three of the six filming teams would eventually turn around and head back up to the mountain just a few hours later for the first of two sunset shoots. When they arrived, a spectacular evening of still and warm air met them, along with firmer snow that prevented speed issues. Strobes were set up by the photographers, the three Camtrol/Ion Session Showdown teams filming set up angles, and before long the green light was given and the show started. For the most part, the riders focused on style and more mellow tricks, though Niklas Eriksson threw a nose butter double 12 on his third hit (after just a straight air and cork 3), and Jamie Crane-Mauzy conquered a double backflip that she had come up short on during the day. The evening ended around 8:30pm and those present applauded the Timberline park staff as well as the skiers for a job very well done.

One of the riders floats across the sunset. Photo: Jamie Walter

With Tuesday now in the books, look forward to day three! Be sure to check back here on Newschoolers for continuing coverage of the 7th West Coast Session. Follow NS on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as the West Coast Session's Website and Facebook