Cover Photo: Stefan Mahlknecht (Click the name, follow this guy, he's killing it.)

After the drama of the week before, last week was something of a quiet one. SuperUnknown has been a daily source of entertainment and all the semi-finalists have now been released. There are some absolute bangers in there from the all-terrain destruction of Sampo Vallotton, to the mind-boggling antics of Elias Syrja and the high-speed destruction courtesy of Zach Masi. Make sure you vote for your favorite on the the Level 1 website... get there by clicking right here. Finalists are coming this week.

The SLVSH Cup is also well under way and there have been a couple of upsets already. In our polls the majority have failed to predict all but one game. For me, the best games of round one are still to come and the quarter finals get off to a banging start towards the end of this week. Next up: Siver Voll Vs Tom Ritsch.

Quinn Wolferman has been on a charge this season and isn't showing any signs of slowing up. He won the Absolut Park Spring Battle and shot this nutty run while out there.

He also starred, alongside Khai Krepela and Jake Doan, in the latest heater from our very own Evan Heath. All three tore Bear Mountain a new one and made me want to take a trip out there incredibly badly at the same time.

Three other stellar edits dropped this week and I'm going to start you off with Alex Hall's 'Sparetime'. It's hard to say when Alex's reign of terror truly started but he is right at the peak of progression in skiing at the moment. How you can have the control to start dropping taps in dubs I will never know.

This week seemed to be all about young game changers and Dylan Sondrup's performance in Oli Hoblitzelle's latest cut fits the trend perfectly. He's been on a tear for some time now and it's increasingly obvious we're seeing a new guard emerging.

I generally save my favorite vid for last and this week is no exception. I loved all the edits above, I've watched all of them multiple times. But the music choice and super clean editing in Gavin Rudy (toast)'s 'Third Cut' really took it up a notch for me. It's hard to do the simple things well. The pre-safety 180 from Dane Kirk was a thing of beauty and Scott Nelson has been a revelation this season. He skis fast as fuck and goes massive. He reminds me of Khai Krepela in his smoothness and style but at the same time goes huge. Carney huge. Dane Kirk slays it too and the two styles make for a nice contrast. Nice work boys, stoked to see you back on snow, Gavin!