You might have noticed in the last couple of days that the results of something called X Games Real Ski were revealed. A Swedish man in a tracksuit won and this made some people extraordinarily angry. I'm not going into it further than that but it's nice to see pure rage about something completely subjective return to the forums. To me, a much bigger question is how this guy survived:

The biennial Redbull Playstreets went off in Bad Gastein and the course was as insane as ever. The head to head format still doesn't work because you invariably end up with walkovers but it's definitely one of the raddest contests out. However, for me, the editorial highlight of the week was Borty's trip report from his season in Lesotho (that's in Southern Africa if you think walls are a good idea).

In more mainstream news, Tom Brady french fried when he should have pizza'd. More e-ink has been spilled over this than it deserves but it is worth watching one last time to remind yourself it isn't the end of the world that your throwing arm isn't worth millions. On the opposite end of the fame spectrum, Daniel Hanka did a very horizontal 180. Can we see it with no slomo please?

There were, by some margin, too many good park edits last week to fit them all into this Weakend. Mole Squad are back and still extremely good at rotating, Magnus Graner and the ON3P boys dropped their shots from Creation Nation 2.0 and Luke Smart is very smooth indeed. The Bandits are back with another edit from 'the Bush' too (although it didn't have enough Charlie Dayton to match the last one). But the one that really made me sit up and take notice was this from Scott Nelson. Yeah it's a Breck edit and yeah, the tricks aren't super technical but Scott skis really fast (like... fast) and makes it look like a walk in the park.

From epic speed to an edit shot with almost none. Juho Kilkki (of Real Skifi fame if you didn't know) sees things totally differently to anyone else and he put together this edit in a schoolyard by his house with no slope and no mechanical speed, just pure skate power. Nuts.

But, for me the undisputed video highlight of the week was Episode 2.1 of Seeking Nirvana. The cinematography, storytelling and the skiing too just blew me away. Doing a sail-to-tour trip is one of my dream trips, so that made it all the sweeter for me.

And finally I return to competition skiing because I love comps now. Especially halfpipe. Seriously though, what the actual fuck Torin? Four hits and the unnatty trick was a 9, still wins the contest. That's how big he went.