Cover photo: Sam Watson

It's been a long summer of Gear Guide pages, app building and Glacier Days but The Weakend is back for the winter and will be bringing you the highlights from all over the ski world, every week. To kick off the season, we have an as-yet-unseen Armada ArTrip edit from Chile last year in which Sammy Carlson does his thing and Torin Yater-Wallace shows again that, as well as being arguably the best pipe skier on the planet, he's got some all-mountain and backcountry skills that few can match. When he's finally done with the whole competition/Olympic shebang he's going to be blowing minds in all other aspects of skiing too. Shot by Corey Stanton it's a must watch for sure.

September is movie season and the circus kicked off with the Level 1 premiere in Denver last night. I wasn't there but I've heard great reports. There have been countless crazy trailers for movies this fall, from Faction's This Is Home to a whole raft of insane looking crew movies, so I'm expecting some excellent audiovisual entertainment this fall. It all starts tomorrow with the release of ON3P One. Keep your eyes peeled for that because it's got some nutty bangers and is sure to rustle some jimmies.

If you like the weirder side of skiing then the place to be this summer has undoubtedly been Snowpark Zermatt. Most of Europe's oddballs have passed through at one time or another and there's been edit after edit of heaters. HORNCAM, starring the park crew from Zwervematt, showcases the trademark nutty skiing of the place. And when your park crew features Laurent DeMartin, Till Matti and more you know it's going to be good. Oh, and Kai Mahler turned up and melted some brains too.

And talking of park crew slayers, Samuel Alander heads up the park in Klappen, Sweden, most famous for hosting Kimbosessions. He dropped his season edit last week and he kills it, both on skis and with a shape tool in hand. If you can make it to the middle of nowhere in Sweden then it'll be a worthwhile trip, that's for sure.

On the other side of the globe, there's been a bunch of competitions going on in New Zealand, including the first FIS World Cup of the season. But the best thing I've seen from down there is this Freeride World Tour Qualifier run from Hank Bilous. Has anyone ever ended a comp run with more panache?

And finally, there's Wabs, who put together a summer cut of Mama Hood shenanigans and swerves for days featuring much of the Hood Crew in a seven minute slush bonanza. See you next week!