Riff Raff dropped out of elementary school because of Recess. "Too many games."

Sean Jordan was asked for three words to describe himself. "Keepin' it real."

Ben Franklin once said, "Half a truth is often a great lie."

Benny Franks keepin it 1hunna.

I want you all to understand that I'm really bout this life. I'm here to bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help me T-Hall. That means every day of the year, even April Fool's.

So without further ado I present to your level1xNS lovin, Vail buyin, mike nick quittin, Krotch buzzfeedin, JOSS returnin, Geopper joinin Hoodcrew guillible sorry asses- A Moment of Truth.


Filmed by Charlie Dayton