Renoun Skis is making all your wishes come true this year, producing a pair of skis that allow you to hang out with our wonderful 2016 presidential candidates all winter long.

You may recognize Renoun, a local Burlington, VT ski company, from their single pair of Bernie Sanders skis last year. Well this year they have stepped up their game and just announced a limited edition run of skis featuring both The Donald and Chillary.

They were lucky enough to get Jamie Tam, a local graphic artist, on board to design the topsheets of these skis. And as you can see, he didn't hold back, including jabs at both candidates such as the "deleted emails" and "tiny hands" comments.

Cyrus Schenck, founder of Renoun says that only 50 pairs of this ski will ever be made. They do come at a pretty high price of $2,016, but you gotta admit these things are awesome.

For more info, head over to this link: