Every year, the best films and webisodes of the year get shown at the International Freeski Film Festival in Motreal. This is the first year I'll be attending and I couldn't be more stoked. Sure, there will be friends and partying, that's a given, but I'm most excited to see the films. Here's the Top 10 list of my most anticipated films.

1) StreetNation Media – Achy Bliss


I've got some friends who are in this one, so I'm pretty pumped to see them on screen.

2) HG Skis – 5TO9


Ski Company team movies are making a comeback, pretty pumped on that.

3) Armada Skis – Oil and Water


Armada has one of the most creative and stylish teams in the industry, who wouldn't want to see them all throw down?

4) The Hood Crew – Thirsty


This one is mostly for the shenanigans. But The Hood Crew goes hard on skis too.

5) Stept Productions – Ten and Two

Sadly, there Stept hasn't released the trailer for Ten and Two yet. But, they always puts in a ton of work and always produces some awesome content, can't wait for this one.

6) Teton Gravity Research – Almost Ablaze


I'm not typically the most stoked about TGR films, but I've heard some awesome things about this one.

7) Super Proof INC – The Recruitment


The most fascinating trailer produced this season. Is the a ski film or a drama/thriller film, either way, it should be good.

8) Clayton Vila Studio – Five


Clayton has proven to be one of the best street riders out there over the past few years, this solo project is a can't miss.

9) Level 1 Productions – Less


Level 1 has been my favorite "big name" film company for the past several years, even though they're probably the smallest of the "big names." I haven't miss a film of theirs in a long time, and I don't plan on missing this one.

10) 4bi9 Media – Burn


4bi9 has, in my opinion, put out the best films of the past few years. Since Begging for Change I've been hooked. This crew is stacked and goes super hard. The perfect mix of style, tech, and cinematography. This is the one I'm most stoked to see!

See you all on Thursday! Unless you're not going, in which case...why not? Cause you're gonna miss out!