There's been at least four blog entries written about this so I figured, why not add mine to the bunch? Here is a picture of Henrik Lampert's famed haircut that's sweeping the nation (actually Henrik is sweeping the nation! Catch him Collegiate Nationals on CBS!), the famous Tonyhawk.

photo: Dave Amirault

*Note* It's not a mohawk - It's a Tonyhawk

Here's a list of other blogs praising the amazing Tonyhawk:

- Dave Amirault

- John Symms

- and of course the man himself, Henrik Lampert

While we're at it, here's some other sweet links to visit from the ski blogosphere:

- Shay Williams

- Chris Benchetler

- Mike Riddle

- Grete Eliassen

- Tim Russell

- Mike Thomas

Enjoy! I'll be at Loon Mountain this weekend for the NS Hostile Takeover. Join me in some good 'ol east coast skiing, spring fun, madness!


P.S. Loads more blog entries coming soon and hopefully a kick ass video from Loon this weekend so if you see me, run up, say hi, and get in the video!