Press Release

Mont-Tremblant, March 28, 2005 - Imagine a ten-day party marked by an array of extreme sports competitions, outdoor activities and concerts of all kinds. That's what awaits you on the slopes and in the village of Tremblant from April 1 to 10, during the third edition of the greatest snow sports and extreme sports festival in eastern North America, the TELUS SPIN 05 in collaboration with Coors Light. All the top snowboarders, new-school skiers and adrenaline addicts will compete for over $90,000 in prizes and bursaries in a variety of events. Our world ski and snowboard champions Mélanie Turgeon and Jasey-Jay Anderson will also be on site! In addition, there will be BMX and motocross demonstrations, outdoor concerts, and parties-in other words, an intoxicating atmosphere-everywhere at Tremblant!

The first weekend, festivities will kick off with a bang thanks to the Volkswagen Skiercross, presented by Atomic, in which the top winner will have the chance to drive away at the wheel of a superb 2005 Volkswagen GTI, while the girls will compete to win a spa valued at $8,000! The next day's Nintendo Boardercross will also be something to see, as it will be showcasing the talents of such participants as world snowboard champion Jasey-Jay Anderson.

Urban Jib: The Competition Makes Its Way into the Streets! Wednesday, April 6, rail and box fanatics will gather on rue des Remparts starting at 8:00 p.m., for the totally wild Urban Jib. This novel event, to be held in Tremblant's pedestrian village, will be a show beyond compare-so many jumps and brand new manoeuvres-as the spectators watch from ringside seats, just a few metres away from the competitors.

New: The SPINE "I'm Loving It" - The festival will come to a spectacular finish with ski and snowboard competitions during the Sprite Super Pipe and the SPINE "I'm Loving It." These events, which will take place at Nintendo Park on the North Face and at the base of the South Face, respectively, are open to all participants 16 years and over. The last day, April 10, the 9-15 year-olds will join the action as well, thanks to the Junior Spin, which includes an adapted version of the SPINE, plus a mini-rail.

National One-Piece Day - On April 4, it's the One Piece for Half Price event! National One-Piece Day will be a colourful one. Slip into your old one-piece ski suit, fresh out of the mothballs, and Tremblant will give you 50% off your April 4 lift ticket. If the absurd doesn't kill you, it will at least provide you with discounts as well as a lot of memorable laughs!

Super Offers to SPIN All the Way!For only $99, get yourself the Spin pass and enjoy unlimited spring skiing in the warm sun and soft snow from March 28 until closing, April 17 (some conditions apply). For more details about the event, scheduling and special offers, there's only one place to go: