Lets start by taking you back to a morning in early February in my Mom's dining room near Albany, NY. I was sitting down with Magnus Graner and Maximilliam "B-Mack" Smith. They had flown in to NYC from Sweden the night before, along with Jens Nilsson who was still asleep on the couch downstairs. The plan was to stick around the East, explore Vermont, and get some street clips for their upcoming movie Finito.

https://vimeo.com/116627522(Early Trailer for Finito)

Amidst catching up we relished in appreciation for the lifestyle of skiers. The small community of freeskiers, and our affinity to social media, allows us to build friendships without regard for distance. Wherever you're from, once you get deep enough into this addiction, we all end up in familiar places with familiar faces. Be it Summit CO in early season, Big Bear when War of Rails was a thing, Mt. Hood in the late spring or summer, or Japan with everyone else from Utah, the snow always brings us together. This year Boston was the destination for street skiers and The Bunch made their way there after some Vermont relaxation.


(Cole's season edit from park footage last year)

These global friendships give us the opportunity for more cost effective travel. Our conversation progressed to this, but less eloquently because no one really speaks the same as they write, except Tanner Hall. Anyway, the point is that my Mom's couch is free which is approximately $333 cheaper than a hotel near JFK airport. Opportunities like this were half of the reason that these skiers chose the East to travel to this year.


(Jeremie's late season edit from last year)

In the fashion of some odd skier exchange program, my friends Cole Gibson and Jeremie Veilliux had been planning to head to Sweden when The Bunch's visit in the US ended. I was excited for these guys, what an awesome opportunity to visit a new place and cut the huge cost of accommodations. It was at this point in my conversation that Magnus said in his smoothly spoken English, "Yo Tall-T Dan you should come to Sweden too. That would be dope."

So I booked a flight.

(The Swede Life: Arrival coming Monday or Tuesday after we do some shit)