The deadline to get your entry for Superunknown XII submitted to Level 1 is the 20th February. To count down, we're looking back at some of the greats of Superunknown. And Superunknown V had one of the craziest fields of all. Finalists included Sean Jordan, Jack Borland, Ian Compton, Paul Bergeron, Nick Martini and eventual winner Jon Brogan.

As a result of the stacked field, it was a year packed full of controversy. To this day you'll find people who'll argue that another entry, Nick Martini's especially, should have taken it ahead of Brogan. But since the win Brogan has become a legend in his own way, featuring in some of the biggest edits of the decade including the Bad Edit and the OG Jiberish edit, before disappearing. You'll still find plenty of NSers who would still claim he's the most stylish skier of all time. There's certainly no skier who upon retiring from 'the game' has been the subject of so many questions about his whereabouts and comeback rumour threads. The return of Brogan, so longed for by so much of NS now seems unlikely, so for now, let's enjoy this look back at his best shots.

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