The Summer of Snowwords and pics by: Dan KellarThere has been the summer of love , the summer of Sam , the summer of Doug and now, thanks in large part to a near record breaking winter snowfall and cold overnight alpine temperatures, this summer will be known as the summer of snow. In my summers of skiing on the Horstman Glacier , I have never seen this much snow this late into June, nor have I ever seen so many features up on the glacier.

I'm not saying that the glacier will last forever (especially in light of the irrefutable evidence of the climate crisis that we are now in) but for now, there is lots of snow, and lots of fun. All the camps have multiple enormous features where in years past we would have seen only one or two of these snow-hogs per lane. Big tables and kickers, huge quarter-pipes and step-overs, wall rides and crazy rail set-ups are for this summer, the norm. A few of the estimated 25000 features in the COC park:
Momentum's Wall Ride and big Kicker:
Never to famous to take care of the course, Sarah Burke helps out in the maintenance of Momentum's park (take note all you who don't help with the features that you love to ride!):
High north had enough extra snow to add a 10.5m tree jib in their course along with a 20m jump to a 20m step-over into a big quarter; High North's Lane:
High North's Tree Jib with Momentum's Butter box in the upper left background:
Alex James Slaying High North's Course notice the 3 huge features in a row!!!):
 Dave Murray has added a beautiful hip at the top of their course; Momentum built a nice looking butter box; and Camp of Champions is so loaded with features that their new fencing can hardly contain them all, it looks ready to burst. Dave Murray's Course (with hip on the extreme right):
Most of Momentum's Course:
Camp of Champions Course:
A view from the top of their rail garden:
A view from the bottom of their rail garden:
The public-park lane flows really well with a few nice kickers and 5 rails peppered in between. The public half-pipe is in great summer shape and the wind lip is bustling with jump building activity by those not attending camps. The rock wall below the t-bar may even make it through the whole summer for once. The public pipe:
The Public Park with Dave Murray in the Background:
A view of the Wind Lip (and yours truly out of breath due to the small hike in):
One of the most astonishing things (which is a big claim considering how good the glacier is looking right now) is the quality of riding still available on 7th Heaven. With daily freshies from overnight snowfall, it is easy to have untouched pow turns right into the glades and right down to the chair all day long. A couple of pond hops, border cross features, and tree jibs have even developed! Alex James jumping over the pond/creek/wet hole in the snow:
Doug Bishop taking some sweet turns:
Blake Nyman handplanting the stump:
Doug Bishop and Alex James enjoying the glades:
A group of campers enjoying a little time in the forest:
With the forecast showing cold nights and clear days, this summer glacier season will no doubt be the amazing, probably the sweetest things since maple syrup and honey were combined into an orgy of awesomeness! Cheers from Merlins apres ski with some High North diggers (there almost everyday!):