Karl-Kristian Muggerud has flown way below the radar for too long now. You might have heard of him in passing, he had a short lived appreciation thread right here on NS, but the chances are you're either Norwegian or you haven't. The video above is his 14-15 season edit but there's been a lot more where that came from. I had to learn to spell his name right back in 11-12 just so I could keep up with what he's doing.

I don't claim to be an authority on the man, I've never met nor even to spoken him. But I have followed his skiing for a while now and been constantly confused as to why he isn't a bigger deal. Back in 12-13 he was doing similar butter combos to the ones Taylor Seaton and Sami Ortlieb are blowing minds with today, and he also did what is still probably the best looking dub 9 I've ever seen (@1:50).

He also filmed a full backcountry section that year full of Pollard-esque control but occasionally a little rough round the edges. Fast forward a year and he'd seemingly found his groove and producing a web series called 'Plan Of Attack' in Norway for the first time. His season edit for that year oozes control and style and brings us to the present.

This season he produced a 5 part webseries for, no mean feat for a guy not many outside of Norway have even heard of. Line Skis' website lists his proudest contest moment as that "one time I got 3rd in a Snowboard railjam in skiboots, I think this still stands as my best contest result". Sounds about the right level of fucks given to us, so let's give him some attention because he does this skiing thing right. And maybe give him a follow on instagram, 1k followers isn't a lot...