Cover: Laurent de Martin - Simply

Ski movie season is right around the corner and that means that teasers and trailers have been dropping left, right and centre getting us super stoked for some big releases. You know, the ones that ease the last few painful months until opening day finally comes.

We’ve collated a list of projects we’re super hyped to watch and highlighted a few things we're super stoked for. Let us know which releases you’re most excited about and lets get that hype train moving!

Lets kick things off!

Better Now - Nicolas Suchy & Ty Urlich


This trailer had a bit of everything; street, pillow lines and backcountry booters, in fact I think it was only missing park shots and I'm all for that. The hype is real in the trailer and one can only think it'll continue for the full cut. Shot in BC and Alberta you know this is gonna be a banger.


Bloody Carnage - Wasted Potential

Has all the sled burning, head shaving, full send madness we expect from this crew. This one is going to be a heavy hitter for sure. Hell yeah!


Buldoze - Chargeur

The Buldoze crew have dropped an epic teaser for their offering this year, set to be an absolute belter! Don't miss it!


Burrrlapz - Football


The Burrrlapz movies have always brought the goods and taken backcountry slaying to the next level. The trailer showcased just how loose the crew got this year and we're very excited to get dragged through the backcountry adventures of The Burrrlapz team in this years offering.


Connected: An El.Makrell Film


This teaser goes high on the list of must-watches this fall. Put together by the visionary El.Makrell with some of the dopest female skiers out there. This teaser had us feeling all sorts. So many creative looking street spots are packed into the 40 seconds teaser as well as some epic pow turns. This one is gonna go hard!


Entourage - YAKTV


Telemark clips in the streets! That is all...


Faction - Roots


Faction movies are always something quite special. They have a hugely stacked team covering all bases of ski styles; they film and edit their pieces fantastically. Their flicks always hark back to old school ski porn vibes but keeping things up-to-date and fresh. We're super excited to see Bella Bacon and Matej Svancer's shots as the two young guns absolutely crushing it in the park. Sam Anthamatten looks to have gone full psycho for his shots too. Massive hype here!


Fuel - Onslaught Crew


Onslaught Crew come out swinging with this one, bringing the FUEL to keep that stoke flame burning! This trailer has some big crew hype running right through it with some hugely gnarly spots thrown in. FUEL promises to be a fun watch with plenty of serious skiing.


Freehand - Jake Mageau & Brady Perron


Level 1 continues to drop shorter, more individual, pieces each year following their 20th and final feature film. The trailer for the latest offering, Freehand, with Jake Mageau and Brady Perron broke the ski-internet a little bit, and why not? Mango just skis different and Brady is a master behind the lens. I think this is going to be something really special... and I know that's not a unique opinion.


From Source - Yann Rausis

A film by Yann Rausis produce 100% by himself alongside a crowd funding campaign organised last winter.


A skier wanders alone by a glacier on a bright full-moon night and steps into the abyss of a glacier cave. His longing for spiritual liberation guided him there, as far as possible from everything he knows. Diving in the depths of the unknown, he experiences a mystical connection with his higher self through freeride skiing visions. The next day feels like seeing the world with different eyes as he comes back to civilization with a fresh and rejuvenated spirit, dreaming about dancing freely on the spring mountain playground.


Matchstick Productions - The Stomping Grounds

MSP are at it again with one of their better trailers imo in recent years. The classic list of filming locations and MSP legends, Mark Abma looking at you, alongside some fresh faces. This is set to rock some pre-season tv sets this year.


Montana Bandits


Montana Bandits bring some Western style and absolutely loose skiing to our screens with this trailer. We don't really know what to think of this one... what we do know is we're hella stoked to watch it and the premiere is going to be one hell of an event!


Nothing New - Parker While & Level 1

Another Level 1 project with Parker White, we know this is gonna be sick. Comes complete with mullet and pow carves on a snowboard.

Simply - LDM & Titouan Bessire


Laurent de Martin is one of our personal favourites so we are absolutely buzzing for this one. Teaming up with the masterful hand of Titouan Bessire for the flick; this teaser was just supurb. There's a meditative style to it that fits with LDM's effortless skiing but there's no doubt there's plenty of raw send in here too. Can't wait for this piece.


Slim To None - Keegan Kilbride & Cam Willis

The Pateon movie we've all been waiting for! Keegan Kilbridge and Cam Willis putting out a street film, this is gonna be huge. Keegan has been reasonably quiet on the film scene for a couple winters but whenever he enters the streets he stacks hammers, the trailer for this one is awesome, it's so well put together. Click here to read more about what went into making the film.


Strictly: 3 Films for Fall

The Strictly crew are dropping three films this fall and they're all looking exceptional from the snippets we've had so far.

Most Gutter

Is Strictly's all street offering and the trailer is all out, balls to the wall, full send! Getting us so fired up! The rider list is stacked, the spots and choice of shots for the trailer are all excellent, we know this one is going to be unreal.


August Light (Have A Nice Day)


This trailer gives a lot less away than Most Gutter, simply as it's not dedicated to one style of riding. It looks epic though, with skiing from Ethan Swadburg, Taylor Lundquist and Tall T Dan you already know all the bases are covered. There are plenty of other names on the cast list to get you well and truly fired up as well!



The trailer for the 3rd Strictly film has just dropped and it might be my favourite of the lot. Parker Norvell, Ben Smith and Levi Ascher invited mystery guests, Lucas Wachs, Jonah Elston and Thayne Rich to come out sledding and slaying pow. This trailer was super hyped. Can't wait to see what Thayne puts down in this one!



Has a fire cast list, more Matej Svancer to be excited about. Other riders we're super stoked to see in this flick are Simo Peltola and Daniel Bacher, both riders doing huge things right now with so much steeze. This one is going to be full of fire!


Teton Gravity Research - Stoke The Fire

TGR films always go above and beyond, they're big budget and have some mental names on the rider list. Stoke The Fire is no different. I might have to steal Griffin Post's occupation tag though, "College Graduate, Author, Writer, Wordsmith." Stoke that fire in the lead up to the winter season!


We're also super stoked for Formula by Forre currently without a trailer but set to be an incredible offering.

Damn, what a list of ski movie trailers and teasers that was! The 21/22 season is nearly upon us and there's so many awesome films and projects with imminent release dates that are going to keep that fire alive until the lifts start turning. Get yourselves hyped up!