From here we embark. I proposed a gear test starting with four companies, SAGA OUTERWEAR, LETHAL DESCENT, FIRST DROP, AND TREW OUTERWEAR. Then I looked to expand to other companies, the sad truth is I recieved responses from these four independent companies but anyone else whom was bigger and more established didnt even respond to my emails requesting a gear – off. I sent letters to OAKLEY, ARMADA, SESSIONS, and others, with out recieving even a response.

FIRST DROP opted out of the gear test. That left me with SAGA, LD, and TREW, each company sent me one jacket and one pant. I sent them my body’s dimensions and they sent (according to them) the get up that fit me the best . SAGA and LD to me seem to be competing for the same customer base, while TREW seems to be competing for an uber technical crowd of goretex lovers.

From here we will explore the fashion, function, price, durability of this gear through various forms of expert calculated testing.