Welcome to The Roofbox 2015-16, home of the highlights of Newschoolers' review program. Over the next weeks and months, we'll be releasing our top gear picks for different aspects of skiing, followed by an in depth chat with each of our editors about what they choose to ride themselves.

First up is the All Mountain category. All Mountain has been used to mean a lot of things in skiing and to describe a lot of skis over the course of time. But this is Newschoolers, and so for us All Mountain means doing whacky stunt maneuvers all over the mountain, in any condition. So we've picked out 4 skis that we feel you can pretty much use for anything, options for they mythical one ski quiver if you will. Which one works for you depends on how it is you want to ski the mountain, get read and go ski the lot.

Editors' Picks: Skis

K2 Shreditor 102

"If you're looking to ski playfully, these are pretty much perfect. They are definitely a ski I could chuck in my bag and feel comfortable knowing that whatever conditions I ended up arriving to, I'd have a ski to have fun in them." -Twig

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ON3P Kartel 106

"This ski has quickly become my new favorite all-mountain ski. They just rip, and they rip everywhere.They give you the confidence to become a better skier because you know they can handle anything. If I had to pick one ski to ride for the rest of my life, it'd probably be the Kartel 106." -BWalmer

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Batalla All MTN Twin

"These really will charge pretty much anything. Mounds of frozen crud, tree stumps, small children, you name it, these will go through it. These are without question the chargiest ski, I can still comfortably do a front 4 on." -Twig

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Blizzard Peacemaker

"I really enjoyed the Peacemaker and it's skis like this that really make me enjoy testing. Blizzard were not that high on my list in terms of testing but in the Peacemaker I have found a really fun All Mnt twin that can truly rip." -tompietrowski

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K2 Pinacle 130

"Making a boot which is compatible with so many binding options straight out the box is awesome, especially if you only want one pair of boots for everything. It may sound like a small thing but being able to just put the boots on and ride any possible binding combination is great." -tompietrowski

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Tyrolia Attack 13/16

"Much to my surprise the Attacks, both the 13/16, have become my go to bindings. For me they are simply the best value bindings on the market."-Twig

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Salomon Warden 13

"I would be perfectly happy skiing the Warden any where on the mountain including the park. I will be using the Warden on quite a few of my skis this season as it simply offers the most freedom in terms of the boots I can use."-tompietrowski

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Dakine Smyth Jacket

"Overall, the Smyth is a great choice for a daily jacket. You won't look out of place rocking it in the park, but it has all the tech you need for even quite extensive ventures in to the backcountry."-Twig

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Trewth Bib

"Bibs are great, and Trew makes one of the best. Watch the beer farts though, they will waft up right into your jacket. Get on the hype train and get yourself some bibs!"-Lemuel

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Julbo Welcome

"I've become a huge fan of the Welcome goggle from Julbo. I really like the style, the fit is excellent as is the field of view and the photochromic lens really does offer a great amount of versatility."-tompietrowski

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