I had six weeks off till I could ski again which was going to suck because I had a lot of sick trips lined up for those six weeks. Since I couldn’t ski and I was already over seas in France I decided to hop on a train and go see something.

On a train to somewhere…

I hoped on a train to an area called Cinque Terre in Italy and sat on the beach there for a week till I had to fly home to the Line team shoot.

This could be a post card.

Anyways I got back to North America, did my time, and in early May got my gear together and headed to Baker for the last couple days of the Theory-3 three week long wind up trip.

I only got one day of skiing in which was super scary and weird just because I felt weak and off my game but the rest of the crew was defiantly feeling good. The footage that they produced down there is absolutely amazing. From Riley and Sherpa to new guy Matt Margetts to King Charley Ager, everyone got sick shots and finished off the year on a good note.

If you look hard enough you can see Stack in the there.

We packed up the gear, got in my sweet ass van and headed’er back to Whistler. With skis, shovel and sled in hand I was ready to hit something else because I was now itching to ski.

As everyone knows Whistler doesn’t exactly have the most consistent weather which means that we didn’t get quite as much done as we had planned. But, we did still have a lot of fun and hit a few jumps. And damn! It felt good to be skiing again.

At first it was just Margetts, Ty Spence and myself and we hit ourselves a good one…

Oh, she was a beauty.

Myself and Marg.

A couple days later the rest of the boys joined us up there for another jumps session, but more importantly our huge ass fire.

Little smokey at first.

But the wind helped her get going.

Our hip/step down

After a few down days shooting the intro and such we got another sunny break for a day. By now the snow was getting pretty sun baked and it had been raining so we defiantly needed to find a step up. An hour or so of scouting brought us to this step up, which looks super sick but we built it a little wrong so we didn’t get as much air as we planned. But that didn’t stop Frank the Tank Raymond from killing it either way.

Franks step up.

With such high hopes for this trip I came back to reality at the end and realized how hard it is to shoot backcountry. If you find a good spot, build the jump right, the weather is good, then all you have to do is land all your shit, which doesn’t exactly happen all the time. But all in all it was fairly productive and we all had an awesome time.

Im back coaching at Camp Of Champions for the summer so pretty much everyday until then I will be thinking about getting up there in the sun with everyone for a killer session, hope to see you all there. Peace