I went to see this movie twice at the same theatre in the span of two weeks and I have no regrets. The first premiere was loooose to say the least. Sold out, huge line-up outside of the door complete with lots of cheers and yelling inside - the way a ski premiere should be.

This showing was on the same day we lost JP, so the boys decided to play his segment from Propaganda right before showing their own film. Click here to hear the crowd's reaction. S.I.P buddy

The Recruitment is one of those movies that you can watch more than once and pick up on different things each time, something that can't be said about most ski films these days. Also there isn't as much skiing in it as you'd expect and a lot more of that other stuff. This may deter some people but for those who can appreciate a well put together film created by a bunch of talented skiers will surely enjoy this. Don't get me wrong there's lots of really good skiing, it's just structured a bit differently and puts a larger emphasis on visuals and I don't mean landscapes. All the boys really killed it, especially Callum and corey. I Don't want to make this review too long, so I'll go ahead and end it here. You're either going to really like this film or possibly really dislike it, but its worth checking out for sure. Big shout out to Brandon Kelly for killing it on the cinematography and Leigh for putting together a real sick final cut. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter.

Buy / Rent / Watch if you:

- Value cinematography in ski films

- Want to hear a good soundtrack with good sound design

- Want to see some real sick skiing

- Want to see the boys do a little acting

Don't watch if you:

- Want to see huge park shoots

- Think artsy movies are stupid

- Want to see only skiing

The recruitment can now be purchased on iTunes at:

oh yea and thanks corey for getting some of my homies in with this poster signing idea.