Facbook is the television of the 21st Century. It captivates our time, dominates our data plans, and instantaneously updates billions of times from various locations and devices throughout the world. Parts of it are miserable. After all, no one cares about status updates regarding how good your horse looks in a christmas sweater, what you had for lunch, your score on scrabble, or that you love micro-blogging the details of your activities every 15 minutes. Aside from the misery, the part of facebook that is truly valuable and enthralling is the photo uploader. Every journey, every comical event, every new adventure, relationships, incredible scenery, friends, breathtaking locations, memorable parties... are saved, categorized, and embedded in our profiles. Rather than flip through physical photo albums, everyone can see photographic summations of our lives based on the thousands of images that adorn our profiles. For Surface, these photos tell stories of our lives and the culture we've created through sliding on snow. They are the summation of thousands hours of effort, bitter cold days, pure adventure, countless sleepless nights, absurd planning, day dreaming, payroll checks, photoshop hours, web design, business meetings, injuries, pain, suffering, and the pure joy we extract from skiing. Photos are inspiration. They create windows into other realms and allow us to briefly time travel and re-live the past. Photos prepare us for the season, paving the way for what is to come based on events that have already happened, taunting our anticipation until the first snowfall. Without photos, our culture would not exist and without Facebook, we would not have instant access to an unlimited photographic database of our past. To all our facebook friends out there, thank you for the stoke! Your stories, as told through hundreds of thousands of photographs, inspire us to keep doing what we do! To all our non-facebook friends. What are you waiting for? It's 2010! Log in, friend "Surface Skis" and hopefully our photos will inspire the best in your daily actions! Fan PageFacebook Page

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