Cover Photo: Kenjiro Matsuo

When Matt Sterbenz finished at the U of M, he left the Midwest in search of bigger mountains that would help him achieve his goal of becoming a pro skier. When Matt turned his dream into a reality, he could finally peak behind the curtains of the ski industry. When he realized he didn’t like what he saw, he decided take matters in own hands. He starts 4FRNT Skis as a vehicle to help evolve the sport he loves and after 15 years of no profit, is forced to sell. On the podcast Matt shares all the details and how the future looks for the Jason Levinthal owned, 4FRNT. - Mike Powell

Mike Powell is has been around the ski game for longer than most. He spent 16 years at K2 Sports, managing (ie attempting to stay in contact/deal with) some of the sport's biggest names, creating content and events such as the Back 9 and Kamp K2 and generally "worked his ass off for the love of sliding snow". In his new podcast series, The Powell Movement, features some of the all time legends of skiing, both athletes and industry folk. We're stoked to partner up with Mike and present The Powell Movement's ski episodes (it also deals with snowboard and other action sports) to the world.