Mike Powell is has been in the industry longer than most. He spent 16 years at K2 Sports "working his ass off for the love of sliding snow". His new podcast series, The Powell Movement, features some of the all time legends of skiing, both athletes and industry folk. This week's guest, Jason Levinthal, is a man who should need no introduction. But on the off chance you've been living under a rock for a couple of decades, Jason is the founding father of Line Skis and Full Tilt Boots, brands that played a vital role in making skiing what it is today. He's now, of course, running J Skis and judging by his email response pattern, still gets very little sleep. In this interview, Jason talks high school life, founding the brands that changed the game and being told at a Ski Magazine test to "throw his skis down the stairs" (which ironically many of his riders now make a living doing).


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