Words by Myles Ricketts

Photos by Rich Glass

The day after unveiling The Ordinary Skier to the first lucky viewers at the World Premiere in Seattle, Seth Morrison, Director Constantine 'CP' Papanicolaou and most of the crew at Oakley’s 1242 Productions travelled up and over the boarder into Vancouver to host the Canadian premiere.

The Ordinary Skier Trailer

This not being your ordinary ski movie, it wasn't an ordinary premiere. The Canadian premiere was hosted at a private venue called District 319 and was invite only, with a full red carpet entrance of Oakley athletes, include the man himself, Seth Morrison, along with Dan Treadway, Kye Petersen, Sean Pettit, Callum Pettit, Tanner Hall, Mike Henitiuk, and the man behind the camera, CP.

Kye Petersen, Tanner Hall, Greg Strokes, Constantine Papanicolaou, Seth Morrison and Matt Swanson.

Dan Treadway, Sean Pettit, Callum Pettit, Mike Henitiuk and Kye Petersen.

Chris Turpin shakes hands with Seth while Kye Petersen gets a souvenir for his wall.

Once inside, key media personnel and ski industry VIP's greeted the athletes, poster signings took place, drinks were consumed, and a great night began.

What would a premiere be without an autograph signing...

...and free stuff?

Carl Fortin & Seth Morrison

Before the movie started both CP and Seth gave amazing speeches to the anxious crowd. CP said one thing that stood out the whole time while I was watching the movie, “This is not a ski movie, this is a film,” and he was absolutely right. This film gives you a startling look at what it takes to be an athlete and how hard you have to work and fight to do what you love. With that said I do not want to ruin the movie for anyone, so be sure to check it out...you won't regret it!

Constantine 'CP' Papanicolaou, Director of The Ordinary Skier.