In honor of Orage's freshly launched Lifestyle collection we'rekicking the off season into high gear with the Orage Summer Contest Series. Three contests, three winners, three ways to take home $500 of Orage Lifestyle gear... and most important, three ways to stay sane during the snow-less summer months.

Camp of Champions

Part 1 : Summer Camp Video Contest

Each year hundreds of kids migrate to Windells and Camp of Champions summer camps looking to hone their skills and learn from the best skiers on the planet. This summer, to celebrate the efforts of the most

dedicated skiers, we're offering $500 of Orage Lifestyle gear to the camper that submits the best video clip at summer camp.

No pressure, no stress, just do what you do, film your friends and put together a 30 -60 second edit of yourself. If the voters like it and if we like it we'll stoke you out with more gear than you'll be able to cram into that overnight travel bag mommy packed for you.

One winner from Windells and one from COC will be chosen.

Part 2 : Summer Heat Rail Jam

Handrails are not dead...and anyone that thinks otherwise should be tarred and feathered. We believe in all types of skiing, both on hill and off...which is why we've created the Summer Heat Rail Jam.

What's different about this contest you ask? Easy, it's summer dumb dumb so the challenge lies within the setup. Plus, you need to submit your photos via cell phone...that's half the battle! Grab your gear, get creative and show us that sliding rails in the winter is for pansies.

Part 3 : Ultimate Crossover Contest

Even though we all eat, sleep and breathe skiing, there's no question that we all do other things, especially in the summer.

For this contest we need you to dig deep into your photo archive. Send in the best image of yourself skiing and a second photo of you doing something else. We don't care if you're riding a bull, mowing the lawn, skating, moto-ing or picking your nose.

What we do care about is if the photos are entertaining and well thought out. So bust out the point and shoot, the Holga or the Instamatic and start shooting.

Register now for all contests at

Vote for the winners starting the end of August.