Newschoolers has been my favorite website for quite a long time. This site has the nicest forum i have ever been on and the most entertaining members i've seen on the internet.

This past weekend i had the pleasure of meeting some of the guys behind the scenes of NS, ya know red names. I didn't know what to expect but all i can say is, the people behind this site are the sickest group of people i have ever met.

I came out to killington to ski an awesome mountain and watch one of the sickest comps on the east coast...and maybe meet a few ns'ers on the way. What i had in store for me was one of, if not the sickest weekend of my young life.

We all planned on leaving thursday night, Mingg was coming down from buffalo to get myself and two other people and we headed back up to UB to crash for the night and planned on heading out on late Friday morning.

When we finally unloaded all of the ski stuff into the dorm, we bs'd with mingg's roommates and decided we should go on some sort adventure to kill some time before we went to sleep. Being teenagers..what would have been a better thing to do than to smoke a little weed? Well, we ended up hotboxing the car, right smack dab in the middle of the UB parking lot. Great idea right? According to Mingg, this was the best place to do such a thing, nothing could go wrong!

Well after about 10 minutes we had the car pretty smokey and everything was going good. Then a cop rolls up! Who woulda thought that would happen!?

So we roll down he window and the 5-0 get's a face full of smoke and asks us what we're up to. Oh you know cop, we're just smokin some cigs! Cop didn't buy we all got patted down and searched, I thought the trip was over before it even began! After dumping out our ganj and giving us some flack for the piece we we're smoking out of the cop did let us go on our way and the trip was back on! Luck was on our side that night!

Friday consisted of 4 people packing into a 2 door jeep with 3 pairs of skis and a snowboard..not to mention boots, bags, clothes, the whole shebang.


But first we had to stop in lake placid to pick up the 5th and final member of our group. We also had to unpack the jeep and load into an audi hatchback..which I was really excited for because I didn't have to be cramped up in a small jeep anymore. Boy oh boy.. a surprise was in store for me.

The hatchback was smaller and we had to put 3 people in the a long with 2 snowboards 3 skis and all the other shit.


After winding through the ADK's for awhile we were finally crossing the bridge into Vermont. I AM STOKED. A short time later..there we are on the side of the road with lights in the rear view.


Luckily the cop could tell we had no idea where we were and apparently we were getting kinda reckless by not stopping at those darn stop signs. But he just made sure we were set straight and going the right direction.

He also made sure that everybody was wearing their seat belts, THANKS COP!

Unfortunately for me my seat belt was snagged on some skis and buried by a few if we crashed I probably would have been the first to go. But we were only a half hour or so from our hotel, there's no way we would crash!

Chubz, you were wrong again there bud.

Coming down the access road, we are minutes from our hotel, I mean we were on the home stretch, only a few more minutes! But combine a fairly steep road with some heavy snow and all season tires and what do you get?

The crew sliding down said road sideways at 30 mph right into a ditch. Thank god we slid off the left side of the road because if we would have hit the guard rail I'm pretty positive I wouldn't be telling you guys this story right now.

But we all came out of the crash okay and nothing on the car was broke. Thanks to some very friendly locals, a few trucks and a winch we were back on the road in about an hour. When we got to the hotel we decided to fit the 5 members of our crew onto one queen size bed. (yes, this was the ns orgy) (jk not really)

Because of the experience we had prior to getting to the hotel room, we were all pretty wound up and had trouble falling asleep, a few actually didn't get any sleep at all, but props to them for getting a full day of shredding in on no sleep.


Killington Vermont.

Wow, coming from Peek'n Peak, a ~400 vert ski hill, Killy is absolutely breathtaking. It was so awesome to get to ski at an actual mountain for once. It also made me realize what level a skier i am haha. We took a few laps to learn the mountain and find the park and 9:30 rolled around so Mingg and I decided to head down to meet up with all the newschoolers.

We get down there and i see a guy with a green jacket and some moment jibs, i figure he's here for the same reason I am so i say fuck it..

"Do you know how to get to chad's gap from the bottom of alta?" Guy looks at me and laughs, "the classic thread" CONFIRMED NS'ER. Turns out it was AT-AT..epic, i found a newschooler member that i actually recognized! So we wait for a couple more minutes and i turn around to see two more free skiers approach us. A skinny guy wearing the newschoolers O'Neill collab jacket says to us, "excuse me but do you guys happen to know how to get to chads gap from the bottom of alta?"

"Uhmm i'm pretty sure ski patrol blew it up" It being the first time I've had the call out said to me, i had to get it right.

After that high fives were exchanged. I honestly had no idea who these guys were, i thought they were two more skiers waiting for MR Bishop to get there. But Chubz was wrong again. It wasn't till Bishop turned around for me to realize that he was right there haha.

Mr.Bishop, Turner, and Travias were the the three red names that made it down from Montreal.

The turn out was low, the only people that showed up were, Mingg, AT AT, G-raff and myself. Funny thing was that we were all from New York, so shout out to all the NY'ers for making it out to meet up with the NS crew.

So we all packed into the Gondola and headed up for what was one of the sickest days i've ever had on skis.

The day consisted of goofing around and taking laps in Killington's park. The crew was straight mobbing and having a grand old time. There were some more park skiers in the park (you dont say?) that we met up with and by around 10:30 we had a pretty solid crew going. Everybody was killing it and it was awesome just having a big group of skiers enjoying the day together.

Tall T dan met up with the crew a little later and we all headed back up to do some more skiing. But that's when Travis, Mingg and myself got split up from the rest of the group. We thought we would meet back up with everybody after a few laps in the park but unfortunately that wasn't the case. But it gave us all a chance to learn each other's stories and get to know each other. After a couple more laps we decided it was time to grab something to eat.

Killington, y'all hooked it up real nice with dat 18 dolla basket of chicken and fries. That shit was $$$...literally.

So we head back outside so watch the skiing qualifiers, everybody is absolutely throwing down. So stoked to be able to see this kind of skiing in person, it was so dope.

After that it was decided that bishop and the crew were gonna grab some grub so Travis, Mingg and I headed back out for some more laps. I was suffering from some serious toe bang so i only could muster like 2 more runs before my feet fell off. So when we all met up for a quick goodbye, Bishop invited us over to their condo to chill out before the comp started.

Mingg, AT-AT, and I all ran back to our hotels to change and drove back over to the NS crib. We had to be back to the event in about 20 minutes to have enough time to grab good spots and catch all of the competition. But in the 20 minutes I was there, i had 2 beers and a few shot skis in me. (hardcore)

But if you're looking to do some pre gaming before any skiing competition..newschoolers knows how to hook it up!

The event was SO SICK. Everybody, snowboarders, skiers, the ladies..EVERYBODY WAS THROWING DOWN! The competition was so tight i don't know how the judges drew a winner. It was too insane. Doug had the idea of making a live update thread on what was being thrown and it turned out to be super epic. I hope the posts we all made in that thread gave everyone more of an understanding to what was being thrown, rather than just the re cap edit that happens every year. I thought it was a cool addition and would love to see it done more in the future!

After the competition word got out of a house party later that night so once again we all headed back to the newschoolers crib to chill out for a few hours before heading out to the party. In this time i had the opportunity to get to know how everybody there and their story of getting into newschoolers. Tabarnak pack, and Max Morello were also there so it was pretty rad being able to party with some pros.

Later on Tall T Dan headed in with his box of Arsenic Apparel and displayed the most epic sales pitch i have ever witnessed. The dude made me want to buy the entire box, but he hooked it up with a pretzel tall t so it's all good.

Dan also gave us the story of how he's good friends with pornstar Alina Li which was an entertaining story to say the least.

We pretty much just bs'ed and had some good laughs for a few hours before heading out to the party, once we were there we all raged hard. I couldn't make it back to my hotel so AT-AT offered for me to stay in his room, a guy i've known for under 20 hours hooked it up for me when I was too messed up to get home by myself. And for that i am grateful for,'re the man!

Necessary party selfie (Also, super hardcore. We all know Mingg parties way hard, so here's some proof!)

Overall, The Newschoolers Experience is something I will never forget. I don't know how any other site can bring people so close and have such a great time. I came into this weekend being acquaintances with 1 person and left with memories that I will never forget and meeting like 10 people that I consider friends now, ALL BECAUSE OF NS!

I wrote this article to shed some light on what newschoolers is all about. I loved this website so much before meeting the people that make it so awesome..after meeting them, NS has a whole new meaning to me. It's so hard to describe how awesome skiing is and what it does for people. The fact that I met people IRL that just knew me from NS and they remembered me through an online persona is so fucking awesome. There's an NS gathering in Loon sometime this February and I encourage every person to make the trip if it's in reach for you. I can't wait for the next time i meet up with this gang because this past weekend has gone down as one of the best.

Newschoolers, Doug, Travis, Aaron, Sam, Dan, Dom, Marty, Mike, Seb, Mingg, Dylan, G-raff, thank you all for the making this the most epic weekend ever. I'm still stoked on what all went down and i can't wait for the next time i get together with all of you guys.

Newschoolers is truly a one of a kind website.