*The Newschoolers Awards will be live on Newschoolers' YouTube, February 26th at 6pm EST*

The Newschoolers Awards are back for 2023, celebrating the best of what went down in 2022, from individual stunts to banger ski movies. It was a tricky year to be a judge, with a huge number of projects popping up, and whittling them all down into a shortlist proved perhaps a bigger challenge than picking our final winners. Myself and @curt_ were joined by Will Wesson, Katrina Siegfried, and Laurent DeMartin with @Mayrandpodcast & @-Dan lending a hand on the tricky decisions. Check out the nominees below and feel free to tell us how wrong we are. It won't change anything, but it might make you feel better... you never know.

We're also stoked to announce that we'll be hosting the awards online this year, and a huge shoutout has to go to 686, ON3P, Out Of Collective & Bern Helmets for their support in making the awards happen again. Our winners will be getting some stunning trophies from ON3P, who are also co-presenting the show. We're going live on the 26th of February from the Out Of Collective studio, and we'll have all the winners joining us. We'll also be giving some prizes away on YouTube during the show.

Without further ado, the nominees for the seven judged awards this year are:


Skier Of The Year:

Presented to the outstanding male and female skiers of the year, the Newschoolers Skier of the Year awards recognize those who have crushed it in the most Newschoolers way possible. From the streets to backcountry stunts, the nominees are those who did it for the love and community, not just the points or the dollars.

Female Nominees:


Anni Karava

Rosina Friedel

Olivia Asselin

Coline Ballet-Baz

Evelina Nilsson


Male Nominees:


Alex Hall

Hunter Hess

Magnus Graner

Jonah Williams

Dylan Siggers

Tucker Fitzsimmons


Crew Of The Year:

Getting out there with the homies is probably the best feeling skiing has to offer. Crews have always been the backbone of the freeski content industry and the Newschoolers community. This award goes to the crew that has had the most impressive 2022, judged by their media output, edits, social media presence, and just how plain old stoked they got us.





The Bunch


Child Labor


Breakthrough Skier:

These are the skiers who announced their presence in the game in 2022, be it at events or through movie parts and edits. With a ton of new talent on the come-up, it was tough to even narrow this down to five nominees. Any of these five could take the win, and it's awesome to see just how much creativity and skill a new generation is bringing to the ski world.



Manon Loschi

Mat Dufresne

Tereza Korobova

Hank Stowers

Ryan Stevenson


Breakthrough Video Project:

A new award for this year, our judges felt that there were so many sick movies from newer crews this year that we needed to give them the recognition they deserved. We could still only nominate five out of the dozens of sick projects but all these crews and more deserve big props for helping keep real ski content alive.



Speedbumb - Speedbumb2

Montana Bandits - Inglorious Bandits

Franticguys - Snow

Hank Stowers - Maritime Air

Keep Standing - Hypertunnel


Best Short Film:

Short ski videos have been the blood pumping through the veins of Newschoolers since we added the video section waaay back in the noughties. For the NS awards, cuts under 15 minutes were eligible for the Best Short Video. We variously call them edits, shorts, short films, and more, and it’s hard to know where exactly to draw the line between the three. But whatever you call them, we couldn’t have an awards show without recognizing their huge role in skiing and the life of this site.



Hunter Hess/Owen Dahlberg - Soulstar

Jake Mageau/Brady Perron - Something in the water

Xavier Mayrand - MTL

Buldoz - BPC

Oliver Hoblitzelle - Meet Me At The Sauna


Movie Of The Year:

We believe that ski videos are the heart and soul of the freeski scene and that the full-length project is the most meaningful of all. So this could be the most important of all our awards, the big one. Our nominees are a diverse bunch, from the epic production of The Bunch's Many Fantasies Later to the rawness of Buldoz's - Y. That means a tough time for our judges, but five very different and deserving nominees.



The Bunch - Many Fantasies Later

Forre - Cast

Dylan Siggers/Jake Strassman - Peace Lily

Buldoz - Y

Strictly - Delete


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