Now that most people have had a chance to get used to the tweaks we’ve done to the site over the last few weeks we figured it was time for a more formal introduction to one of the biggest additions to the site. With the help of the guys over at, we’ve implemented an online gear swap that takes the pain, hassle, and worry out of selling your gear online amongst the NS community. Of course everyone is still able to buy and sell the old fashioned way through the forums or our classifieds section, but we felt bad getting e-mails like ‘this user ripped me off, is there anything we can do?’, so the swap was a great solution. GearTrade’s site manager Rob Reinfurt has put together a brief intro to the service below. As always you can access the swap from the GearSwap link in the header or directly at Take it away Rob… is an online outdoor gear swap that makes it cheap and hassle free for people to unload their gear. We also partner with other websites who want to hook up their users with our service. So, we setup Newschoolers with our software so they can provide a better platform for you guys to unload ski gear. Signing up is free and only takes a minute. Buying Gear is simple - you can use any credit/debit card. Selling Gear is cheap and we guarantee you get paid. This is how it works: 1. NO LISTING FEES. The Newschoolers Ski Swap does not charge a listing fee for selling gear. We also don’t charge a fee for uploading images. In fact, you can post as many images as you want for FREE. And, in the unlikely event that your blown out skis don’t sell, you can pull them off the site without any charge. List as many items as you want, If you don’t sell em, we don’t tax ya.2. GET PAID. We take payment from the buyer and guarantee that the seller receives payment, minus a 10% sales commission. Just ship the goods and we send you a check. If a buyer is fraudulent, we still guarantee payment to the seller. This way you'll never get burned. Note how we do all the dirty work for you?3. YEAR-LONG LISTINGS. List as many as items as you want—they’ll stay on the site for a full 365.4. FIXED PRICING. You set the price. There is no bidding. If no one wants to pay your price, you don’t have to sell. Preserve your margins. However, you can accept offers from interested buyers if you choose to do so.5. CUSTOMER SUPPORT. We monitor the sale transaction and directly handle all customer concerns. We mediate all questions between buyers and sellers so you can be out on the hill all day. We make buying and selling gear totally worry-free.So far response has been great, and I have received a lot of good feedback regarding the site. As you know, you can still buy and sell gear on the forum. We would never take that away from you guys. This swap is just a new feature for folks looking for an easier, more secure and quicker way to buy and sell gear. To view the thread and post comments, click here: hope you guys enjoy the new swap, there are a ton of killer deals on there. Thanks for listening, and if you have any questions or suggestions, drop me a line: check out the Ski Swap, click here: the rest of summer,Rob ReinfurtSite