The Right Moment

Hey there!

Last night, I read an article that made me think of you ? and specifically, of First Tracks. The article is about an innovative and powerful organization called Kairos. Kairos, ?The Right Moment? in Greek, was founded by a group of college friends with the intention of affecting the world by bringing together the greatest minds and hearts ? sharing each others strengths, connections, energies to work together.

The founders are still in college but are flying all over the world, meeting with kings, Sheiks, executives of some of the worlds most powerful companies, other students ? sharing ideas and sparking change. In the interview, the founder comments on how it?s not about the money or the power, but rather the access he gets from bringing groups of people together like this.

Access. Profound.

If there?s anything I love more than thigh deep blower pow, and sunrise sails, it?s people ? so when I read articles about people like those in Kairos, my circuits light up and all cylinders begin firing.

First Tracks was born from this concept ? bring together a group of people with like minds, similar interests and shared goals ? then see what happens.

A huge draw to the first tracks program is the access ? exclusive industry events, discounts on skis, apparel, epic adventures, inspired people, it goes on?.

The ski industry is sexy and no doubt, people want to get involved.

A recent phenomenon that is starting to grow legs of its own now, however, is the inter-exchange of ideas, services and people with in the First Tracks community. Members are exposing their worlds to other like-minds and doors are opening where no one expected. Very cool things are starting to happen and it?s only just begun.

So, without taking up too much more of your time, I invite you to consider joining First Tracks ? as a new venture ? an accoutrement to your daily life or an outlet for your creativity.

The community within these tracks is top notch and even if you join just for a discount on skis ? I have a feeling that you?ll be surprised by what you get out of it.

Space in First Tracks is limited and enrollment starts September 1, 2011. If you want to ensure yourself a spot, be sure to click here to add your name to the First Tracks First Alert list so that you will be among the first to hear about enrollment details.

We hope you join us on some new Gypsys this season ? as we playfully bounce through the secret stashes of life.

Invite your friends along too!

Until Then, enjoy the now


P.S. Here?s the article, I think you?ll enjoy it:

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