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We all hope to ski forever, but it can be difficult to make that a reality. What a lot of NS'ers don't always get, especially the young members, is that just because a skier is sponsored doesn't mean he's making a living. Many end up having to get a real job, have trouble with injuries, or simply decide to head down a different path in life. Here are a number of skiers who were once in the limelight, and rightly so, but haven't been the talk of the ski scene for some time now.

Austin Torvinen

Not the biggest name, but if you knew it, you knew this kid was nasty. This edit was too fresh.

Leigh Powis

Leigh Powis, the Whistler local put out some of the craziest segments with PBP over the years. Though he hasn’t strayed too far from skiing, working on the SuperProof movies and editing both Salomon’s movie Canvas and Seeking Nirvana’s Lucky Strike this past season.

Michael Clarke

A product of Waterville, Michael Clarke’s jump game was so damn consistent. Illest switch cork 7. From winning Superunkown III, to becoming a filmmaker, Clarke has seen it all.

Peter Olenick

Olenick went big in the pipe. Word on the street is he’s coaching these days.

Peter Ryan Olenick, initials, PROOO! How could I not toss this in again? Damn I miss this shit.

Shea Flynn

Shea Flynn has some of the heaviest urban segments ever showcased. With Stept rounding out the production of their full length flicks, it’s been some time since we’ve seen Flynn on the big screen.

Stefan Thomas

Stefan Thomas had it. With one of the smoothest backcountry segments, this skiing would without a doubt still hold up more than 10 years later.

Colby James West

The New Hampshire native broke on to the ski scene and made his mark in more than one way. Moving on, Colby James West is now trying his hand at acting and voicework these days. Can’t forget about this work of art.

Dave Crichton

This was released in 2003, need I say more. Timeless. These days Crichton might be more likely to be seen charging on a surfboard, both the ocean and murky river waves, he’s still got it.