Interview conducted by David Brighton!

3 things in your pocket when skiing?

- Phone, candy & sunscreen

What's it been like filming for Faction this year?

- It’s been great, the crew is awesome and the project was interesting. Not easy everyday with the snow conditions but it’s the same problem for everybody.

New Weapon in the Arsenal

How was the trip to La Clusaz?

- That was a very good trip, the atmosphere was awesome and all the riders were super motivated. The weather was good but sometimes not warm enough in the first half of the day(icy), so we had to wait until the end of the day to start shooting. Luckily, the resort kept the lift open for us two times.

How did you squire filming skills great enough to follow Candide into lines?

- Haha, I’m not really following him, I just skied 50 meters next to him, just enough to film the action. Also, I’m not a beginner skier, I know how to ski fast in the powder (but certainly not as fast as Candide...).

Did you feel you missed out because of filming this year?

- I missed some good sessions for sure, but I also take great pleasure to shoot. So it's worth it.

What are your plans for the future?

- Enjoy summer, go surfing, go skiing a lil bit at Les 2 Alpes and start the next Faction season.

French skiers are becoming more and more known. Why do you think this is?

- There are a lot more good riders from France traveling to North America these days for filming/competing. The international places are difficult to get, but the frenchies have potential.

Do you believe the team managing within Faction was drastically changed by newer members of the company, possibly running it better than previous/still standing managers?

- Faction has evolved considerably over the last two years, I think it’s a good thing and the company is headed in the right direction. To build on the previously question, Faction is one of the few brands to mix European and American skiers, that’s another good point, they highlight the newcomers.

Favourite ski film?

- Aspen Extreme

Favourite film?

- Mega Shark VS Crocosaurus

Best movie of 2010?

What is your opinion on Europeans being overlooked in the ski world? Why do you think this happens?

- Maybe because Americans people are unable to see past the tip of their nose… haha just kidding, I think this is due to the fact that we don’t have as many good parks and cultural differences. We are lagging behind in some aspects of skiing, so it’s difficult to share the European freeski scene and make it interesting to everyone around the world. But, it’s getting better...

You post a lot of travel photos. How much of your year is spent on the run?

- Probably half of the year.

Did the Olympics help skiing?

- Millions of people are discovering freeskiing through the Olympics. I think if people are interested by the contest side, they also will be interested by the video side. Videos make people dream. That will bring money for the all aspects of freeski, not just for contests. I just hope that contest formats will not always be the same, I don’t want to see the same slopestyle run in every contest, it has to remain open for creativity.

What do you think about triples?

- If it’s executed with good style, it doesn't matter what the trick is to me. I think it pushes the sport in some way.

Word of wisdom?

-Make sure to follow @weshcrapules on social networks, these guys are cool.