The to Do List will be number of things I believe every skier should at least try to do, relative to a certain aspect of skiing. The first of which being: before you leave your home mountain. To most skiers, their home mountain occupies a special place in their heart. But things change, whether it be a family move, you leave home for college, or you simply want to switch things up, there comes a time that most everyone will move on.

1. Jump off the chairlift. This oneís always fun, kind of like a rite of passage at the hill. Just try to make sure youíre out of any ski patrolís sight, otherwise youíll most likely be chased down the mountain and possibly even banned from the place. Shoutout to Connor Mankouski.

2. Ski every trail. Youíre there all the time anyways, it wonít kill you to skip the park for a few laps. The place might surprise you with a couple hidden gems. Or not.

3. Ski with random people. I think this oneís big. Every mountain has their local legends. If youíre riding by yourself, donít be afraid to hop on the lift with someone you donít know. You never know when youíll get to have a conversation with that one dude whoís been skiing there for over 50 years.

4. Ski with the same people. Having a solid crew is the best. Iíve met some real good friends over the years through skiing, even if its just riding a shitty little setup together.

5. Try the food. They might make some dank food, they might make some nasty food, either way itís gonna be way too expensive. All I know is Omaís Kitchen was fire.

6. Hit every feature. Itís a good feeling knowing youíve cruised through every feature on your mountain at one time or another.

7. Make an edit. Try to make at least one edit. It doesnít even have to be serious. But simply having some of your time there documented, it will be crazy to look back at where it all began.

8. Enter a competition. Even if its something as small as a free rail jam, everyone should try out a competition at their home mountain at least once. It might just be one of the only comps that it is just you and all your local homies.

9. Make it to a gaper day. Self-explanatory.

10. Keep in touch. Life can surprise you. You might be halfway across the world, or you might end up right back where you started. Whether you're trying to get a job there, or maybe just get a few free lift tickets, some of the connects at the home spot can be very valuable.

What else do you think a skier should do before moving on?