The greatest event of the year in the world of new school skiing is approaching.

Jon Olsson, one of the world's most renowned skiers in the discipline, is organizing his own event in his home ski resort of Åre, Sweden. The vision Jon is pursuing is to present a competition where the world's top riders will return year after year to experience the atmosphere of Åre, and where the audience will have a chance to experience the greatest new school skiing in the world.

The arena is made up of two huge jumps and a specially designed wall ride equipped with rails. The jumps will be shaped by Jon himself. "I think the arena will be a perfect mix of serious competition and show-off party skiing," says Jon.

With personal invitations from Jon to the top riders of the world, the starting field looks very impressive. Some of the riders coming to Åre are Pep Fujas, Charles Gagnier, TJ Schiller, Rory Bushfield, Chris Benchettler and the Olenick brothers. Beside Jon, Henrik Windstedt, Niklas Karlström and Jacob Wester will represent Sweden.

"There's a need for a great new school event in Sweden. I'm looking forward to show my home slopes to all my ski buddies from around the world, says Jon. "I get the chance to work with planning and the realization of the event and that also gives me the ability to push the progression of new school skiing in Scandinavia further."

The Jon Olsson invitational is not only the greatest ski event of the year. At night time the Bygget Nightclub will turn into the Jon Olsson Invitational Party Club featuring Scandinavian hip-hop and club music at its best.

Event Schedule Jon Olsson Invitational

Tuesday march 29

13.00-17.00 Info center at Åre Town Square

17.00 Training all riders

22.00 Party

Wednesday march 30

13.00-17.00 Info center at Åre Town Square

17.00 Training all riders

Thursday march 31

13.00-17.00 Info center at Åre Town Square

17.00 Session all riders

22.00 Party at Bygget ft Caesars Palace

Friday april 1

13.00-17.00 Info center at Åre Town Square

19.00 Finals, Jon Olsson Invitational

22.00 Final Party at Bygget ft Blacknuss

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