The One Hit Wonder Down Under is a four day filming session on Thredbo's end of season money-booter, though which ever skier and snowboarder gets the most public votes for the single best crowd pleasing trick will score a $2000 cash sweetener. It is a relatively new but relaxed concept of competition for the Australian skiing and snowboarding scene... Think JOSS, but with gumtrees.

The invited athletes will work with skier/cameramen Tim Myers and Rob Norman on Thredbo’s end of season money-booter to capture their single best trick on film. The tricks will be uploaded to the web for three weeks where the world wide public can vote for who they think has the best “One Hit Wonderous” trick, and thus walking away with some extra cash, but more importantly claiming the title of the best skier or boarder in the universe.

As well as the invited athletes, there are 2 skiing and 2 snowboarding wildcard spots available. To qualify oneself for these spots and compete with Australia’s best skiers and snowboarders on the purpose built money-booter, you need to audition.

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