What’s up everyone, Jake Szarzec

here and this update is from a day trip to Indian Peaks, the mountains that

comprise Colorado’s central front range. They are located about 40 minutes due

west of Boulder, Colorado and they usually hold good snow until mid July. The

day started out bright and early leaving Boulder at 6:00 with high hopes to

catch the last calendar day of spring skiing (the 21st of June is

technically the first day of summer because it is the summer solstice). The day

could not have been any better, the weather was clear and I was anxious to get

up and go.

This is the view when you drive

into Brainard Lake, its an 8 dollar fee, which is kind of a bummer but it gives

you access to several trails that go around the Indian Peaks, and in our case

prime Colorado corn snow

The peaks in order from right to

left: Audobon, Piute, and Toll

This is Mitchell lake where we took

a break and enjoyed a nice moment away from the noise of the city

Then we kept hiking

Soon after I had to take another

break and adjust my pack. Skis get uncomfortable and heavy hanging from your

back, strapped to a pack.

This picture shows mount Toll to

the left and our decent rout is the snowfield to the right, which is mount

Piute. The lake that is barely visible in the foreground is Blue Lake


Happy Jake

This is my friend Tobin, fresh out

of Flagstaff Arizona, enjoying a fine Colorado day in the high peaks

Being up in the mountains you

definitely get a chance to check out some cool wild life, the first picture is

a coyote, I think, and the marmot was not afraid of us at all, I think he

wanted some food cause he started biting my skis.

Me and expansive mountain terrain

Beginning the long haul upwards

More hiking

The higher you climb the more you

can see, over the ridge is the west side of the divide. The cirque (over the

ridge) drops down into Crater Lake and it has 2 glaciers that are skiable all

summer. I have not yet skied them.

Here are some shots from the top,

just above 13, 000 ft.:

The mountains in the background are

the Gore Range

This is me (very happy) after

carving some turns in prime corn snow. The snow is definitely my 2nd

favorite to powder (of course). It also makes for dope park skiing

My line is on the left; Tobin’s is

on the right


This was definitely a memorable

trip. Thanks to Tobin for driving, cause I don’t have a car anymore and thanks

to my line Chronics, which held up for two seasons and still shred the summer snow.

Hiking up in the mountains gives you a sense of appreciation. Great weather,

sunny skies, and aesthetic views all come in a package when being out there. Of

course the weather tends to drastically change, but it held out for us, making

for a great time. Hiking up is indeed hard work, but it is worth it. I

felt the feeling of truly being free, leaving the busy city for some solitude

and great skiing.