Cover photo: Ian Maddox, All others (unless stated) John Bishop

Back in the day, the majority of comp skiers were also video skiers and, for the most part, it worked the other way around. In 2019, most skiers specialise. But Henrik Harlaut’s never really been one to follow trends, and he has been dominating all aspects of freestyle skiing in recent years. With 10 X Games medals, appearances in Level 1, Poorboyz, and MSP movies, the B&E Show and his 2019 movie, The Regiment. He’s a very dedicated and busy man. We managed to pin him down to answer a few questions…

HI Henrik, so let’s start with something very important. There have been many debates on NS, no-one seems to know the truth…Where did the name E-Dollo come from?

Mickael Deschenaux, who has been one of my biggest inspirations to my skiing, gave me it to me when I was 13 years old.E stands for Eugene, which is my middle name and it was what I was using as username at the time for MySpace. Dollo is money, money is power and he thought I had power and was gonna go big and hard in the future... basically. You would have to ask the master himself for the accurate answer to the name, but this is what I got told 15 years ago.

What’s up with your home-town, Åre? Why does Sweden —especially Åre— Produce so many innovators?

I’m not sure to be honest... I remember, growing up, that everybody was talking about being original and having your own style and tricks, so I think the mentality has stayed in Sweden while it has disappeared in other places.

You’re tight with Tanner and obviously Phil. Have you been influenced by these guys differently? Who else has influenced your skiing?

Yes, these guys have had a huge impact on the way I ski today. I've basically taken small pieces of all my favourite skiers and made it into my own style and flavour. It's hard to start naming people without missing out some, but the main ones that have really inspired my style are Mickael Deschenaux, Tanner Hall, Tom Wallisch, Phil Casabon, Corey Vanular.

You, Tanner and Phil all had your own movie this year, is that the future for ski movies?

Not necessarily, it was just that we didn't ski together that much last year so it just felt right that we all did our own projects to showcase what we did that year. I’m definitely into collaborating and making super-mega movies together, but for that to go down I prefer that we ski with each other as well.

Do you prefer skiing in Comps or Movies?

I personally prefer the combination of the two. I have so much fun competing since I am a competitive person and then I really enjoy filming cause that’s where I use my imagination more and try to create stuff that I haven't seen done. I plan to keep doing both for as long as I can.

How did you manage to juggle regular competitions with filming a second Real Ski? Was it easier or harder than the first time?

It is what I would have done anyway, whether it would have been for Real Ski or not, so the juggle of doing it in between contests wasn't the hard part. The hardest part this year was that we had such a horrible snow year. We had to import snow with trailers and trucks to hit every spot. Unfortunately, we were not able to hit most of the spots I had planned to hit so that was a bit of a bummer, but at least they all gonna be there in the future and hopefully I get to hit them next year while filming for my new movie.

How do you stay smiling? Even When judges make a bad call, other people would get mad, you seem pretty happy and humble. You are one of the most successful athletes in the world, do you feel pressure, or is skiing still just fun?

Skiing is the best and most fun thing I know... Judges are not gonna change that with their opinions. Of course, I get bummed when I think they've done something wrong, but it's never gonna affect my love for skiing. It's eternal.

Harlaut Apparel: when did you first think of starting your own label? How did Oscar get involved? You’re known for your style and you don’t really follow trends, do you think it’s important people have their own style?

It started when we were really young, me and my brother would just draw our own logos and have them being the presenting sponsors for our own skateboard and ski movies, so it has always been a interest of ours to start our own label. The idea of actually doing it and make it official started in 2014. Style is everything, whether you have your own or someone else’s. I think just being able to recognise style and use it to make your craft stand out is a beautiful thing to see.

What makes a kid from Sweden Identify with Wu Tang? Or do you just like the music?

Most of all I really like their music, but then when you start listening to their lyrics and their approach you can start to relate and be inspired to the way you strategize your attack on skis as well.

You were recently in Chamonix, will we see more of you up high? Do you enjoy climbing, hiking and “earn your turns”?

Yeah it was my first trip to Chamonix and I really loved it. I definitely enjoy climbing and skiing but that was not what I did on this trip. We (me and filmers/friends) basically just stayed in one area and built a bunch of awesome jumps. The mountains are so big and most people are just walking past some of the best jumps spots ever to do big long lines, so it left a lot of terrain for us to play on.

Do you believe in perfection? Have you seen it anywhere?

For sure. I see it every day I ski and film with Phil Casabon... He will not let go of a trick until it's done to its full potential.

Photo: Ian Maddox

Any stories or encounters you’d like to share that you think shaped you into the skier you’ve become?

Sooo many, It’s hard to choose. I once stole a trick from Phil and put it in an edit before he had showed it, wasn't really thinking and just wanted to show this new way of skiing that I was creating together with him, but after that I have never really copied a trick from another person and have always tried to take my own route. Obviously I take inspiration from other skiers but I don’t straight copy what they doing.

Haha what was it?

Noseblunt slides, before people had done lip nose presses but not really noseblunts, so that was the new new. In my “season edit” from 2009.

If you could make a 30 second speech to the entire world, what would it be about?

Enjoying life to the fullest, having fun and just be young forever.

What’s your biggest dream that you haven’t achieved yet?

So many... hmmm, win Olympics would be great. Be in a music video together with NAS or WU Tang. Go up in space…

Is there anything that annoys Henrik Harlaut in 2019?

Racism, war and politics so I don't pay attention to any of them, at all.

Do you have any advice for the younger generation of Newschoolers?

Life is a dream come true, make it the best you can!

Henrik’s favourite:

Trip: Andorra, I love all the aspects it offers, mixed with the weather and people that I get to share these amazing adventures with.

Trick: It depends on the feature, but probably switch 1080s, Cause there are sooooo many ways to do it (grabs variations, cork, flat, bio, double, triple) and I really like taking off and landing backwards.

Track:Nas - Represent