On February 20th, I (Matt Harvey) had two pairs of ARMADA ARV 175s stolen from my car in Montreal, QC. The theives also took my mini disc player, sun glasses, and a couple ski movies.

So we're deploying the army to get them back. If you find the person that took my skis (and I end up getting them back), or somehow get them back to me yourself, you will win:

One NS Clothing t-shirt of your choice.

One NS Clothing hoodie of your choice.

A pair of Rip Curl board shorts.

The pride of knowing you thwarted a ski thief!

One pair was mounted with Salomon S912Ti bindings. The pair with the bindings had several Newschoolers.com and cut out NS Clothing stickers on them.

The pair without bindings had some Freeskier stickers on them.

The known serial numbers are:



If you have any information about the whereabouts, whether on eBay, in your local shop, or on some bastard's feet, please send the information to harvey@newschoolers.com.

And as a special bonus, if you find both pairs of skis, the mini disc player, the sun glasses, AND the movies, then you can have my mini disc player upon returning the other stuff (along with the prizes up top).

There can only be one winner of the stuff.

Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for your actions or the consequences of your actions during your quest for the free gear.