Hangovers come from the nights we can't remember and give us the days we can't forget. Separating drinking from skiing is a tough task; from shotgunning beers in the park to a little too much box wine on a hut trip, skiing and booze just go together.

Skiers love to party, but no one likes to be the guy who bails on their friends because they're too hungover (we all have THAT friend). This leads to the unforgettable puke and rallies, pedialite drinks and shitty mornings that we know all too well. The rough nights and rougher mornings become a fact of life, just like the fact that you can't chug shitty vodka like you used to. These mornings, and stories, however, come to enhance rather than detract from our days; they are part of what makes a day memorable. Maybe not memorable in the "dude, what a rad day, I stomped so many new tricks!" kind of way, more like the "dude, remember when I went up after doing Edward 40 Hands and booted at the top of the park?" kind of way. While the first one may sound prettier, we all know it's the latter that we truly remember and cherish.

So, the next time you spend all night partying, the next time your nearly-dead phone wakes you up with a splitting headache, don't be that guy. Get your ass out of bed, try not to forget too much of your ski gear, fill up that water bottle, get your ass to the hill and go shred!

Tim McChesney & Nicky Keefer at The West Coast Session 7